Complete Professional Chimney Care

Since 1979

Soot, creosote, debris in your Chimney? We'll get it all out. And that's important for fire safety. Get peace of mind when you use your fireplace, give us a call today.

Professional Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

Chimney Cap Installation

Damper Check, Repair & Replacement

Peace of Mind Knowing You are Safe

Chimney Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance Experts

Chimney Safety

Before you spark up the logs, take heed that fireplaces and chimneys are involved in 42 percent of all home-heating fires. So, before you spark up the logs, let us make a clean sweep or your chimney.

Complete Inspection

We check our list and your chimney from top to bottom. Serving the greater Cleveland area since 1979, Our professional chimney sweeps will inspect your fireplace, chimney and related items to insure your fireplace is safe to operate.

Personal Safety

Proper Chimney Care Helps:
Prevent fire hazards
Eliminate home allergens
Eliminate carbon monoxide poisoning risks
Eliminate odors
Keep your fireplace safe and functional